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The promoters of Sambhav Group are backed with 35 years of Textile experience and are recognized as one of the prominent specialty textile manufacturers of Central India.

SBT SPINTEX is a pioneer in manufacturing Polyester / Cotton / blended yarns – Combed & Carded with count range 6s to 60s, for knitting, weaving and sewing thread applications. The company rests its pride on the state-of-art infrastructure that is fully incorporated with the most modern machinery required for the production of the sophisticated Polyester, Cotton & blended yarn and Sewing Threads. The company is also engaged in specialty treatment of yarns to make high quality Sewing Threads & Bag Closing Industrial Threads in all sizes of retail / industrial packing viz Hank, Thread Balls, Cones, Tubes, etc.

Sambhav Group

Sambhav Group is a diversified group engaged in Technical Textiles, Spinning, Sewing Threads & Warehousing in the vibrant city of Raipur, Chhattisgarh. We, at Sambhav Group, have always believed in a judicious mix of age old conservatism and experience coupled with youthful enthusiasm, exuberance and dynamism.

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Our Products

  1. Yarns – Polyester / Cotton / Blended Yarns for weaving of fabrics
  2. Polyester Sewing Threads
  3. Bag Closing Threads
  4. Polyester Cotton / Cotton CORD Yarns
  5. Hank Yarns


Social and environmental practices beyond compliance have been an integral part of Sambhav Group's philosophy since its inception. The warehousing division also embodies these ideals and strives to achieve them. These investments were undertaken with an innate sense of responsibility towards the well-being of society and environment. In recent years, with a view to cement these relationships, the initiatives have become more structured and have been seamlessly integrated in our business process.

We, at SBT SPINTEX PVT. LTD., strongly believe that any development at the cost of the irreparable exploitation of natural resources is not acceptable at all. Hence we have consciously made an attempt to work within the framework of nature. We continuously strive towards sustainable development and have always made sure to conduct our activities in an eco-friendly manner. We believe that businesses exist to sub-serve larger societal goals. Therefore, their contribution is best measured by the value they create for the society at large.

We always believe that the supreme asset of an organization is its human resource and have made efforts for the self-actualization of our employees whom we do not treat as mere employees but as critical units of our organization. We have taken adequate measures to provide:

  • Safety of people handling complex processes.
  • Wholesome working conditions.
  • Opportunities for self actualization.
  • Regular initiatives for their upliftment.

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